Deep Tissue Massage

Physical/Physio therapist led deep tissue massage accesses the deeper layers of your connective tissues. By working on the deeper muscle fibers, tendons and fascia your therapist can help to improve your movement, reduce pain and help you feel better. Many clients take this therapy once a month to help avoid injury. Others avail of the therapy when in pain or injured. Your Sligo Physio/Physical Therapist will be able to recognise problematic areas and problematic movement patterns and address these before they manifest as pain, bad function or immobilisation. At Sligo Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy we can treat the deeper tissues that will not be treated by your light touch massage therapist. Deep tissue massage will help with back pain, knee pain, neck and shoulder pain etc. It is also an invaluable tool in preparing for sport, injury prevention and as recovery massage from hard training/competition.

Physio Troy doing Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy massage. Links to Sports Massage explanation and booking.


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